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Viterra Szczecin sp. z o.o.


Operating in the port of Szczecin, Viterra Szczecin is a company specialising in the transhipment and warehousing of grains and meals for nearly 30 years.
Our priority is health and safety at work; we are actively involved in developing a strong safety culture in our company.


As a port terminal, the Company provides transhipment services for grains and meals in import and export. The goods transhipment capacity amounts to nearly 1 million tonnes per year. We have a warehouse that can store about 48 thousand tonnes of goods at one time.
Transhipments take place at Nabrzeże Słowackie, the parameters of which allow for the handling of the largest ships that can enter the Port of Szczecin. Rates of loading and discharging depend on the ship's parameters and individual arrangements and may amount to:

  • import 6,500 t/d,
  • export 9,000 t/d.

Vehicles collecting and delivering goods to our terminal access it through the buffer car park in Hryniewieckiego Street, which can accommodate about 100 trucks at one time. From the time of arrival to departure, vehicles are registered and monitored at every stage of the service process.

The storage area of the warehouse includes 3 boxes with a capacity of about 16,000 tonnes each.

Warehouse (temporary storage)
Viterra Szczecin is a warehouse that provides services in international trade, therefore the storage rooms have the status of a temporary storage warehouse.
Temporary storage warehouse services are intended for goods from countries outside the European Union and allow storage for a period of 45 days from the date of declaration without the immediate need to pay customs duties and VAT, and these duties are paid systematically when the goods are assigned a customs-approved treatment or use.

Weighing (vehicles)
We provide vehicle weighing services using certified vehicle weighbridges.
Scale parameters:

  • max load: 60,000 kg, min load: 400 kg,
  • accuracy class: III.

We generate a weighing ticket for the driver and we can automatically send the ticket and the summary statements to the client.


Viterra Szczecin sp. z o.o.
ul. Hryniewieckiego 21
70-606 Szczecin 
NIP 851-000-41-13
REGON 810025510
KRS 0000037112

t: +48 091 4308 266
e: szczecin.info@viterraszczecin.pl

Chief Dispatcher
t: +48 091 4308 555
e: jacek.ochtabinski@viterraszczecin.pl

t: +48 603 130 302
e: szczecin.dyspozycja@viterraszczecin.pl

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